Rooting for their Success

In my opinion, the newly elected Ghanaian President, Nana Akufo-Addo, is already demonstrating that he is a determined, goal oriented and meticulous leader. I am confident that his diverse, passionate and experienced ministerial appointees will serve the people of Ghana with their utmost abilities.

As millions of Ghanaians contribute to help build a progressive country for future generations, the new ministers’ perceived sense of empathy and urgency should be evident at their respective departments.


With the resilience and determination of the Ghanaian people, I believe the country, led by these benevolent individuals, will get back on track. I am very hopeful because “we must let our hopes, not our hurts, shape our future” – Robert Schuller.

We are rooting for their success!

10 thoughts on “Rooting for their Success

  1. I share your excitement and optimism about the new leadership. Together, let’s rid Ghana of the stunted growth that has befallen it these past few years!

  2. Getting the skilled and experienced people is a giant step to get the work done! Nana is in a comfortable lead.

  3. I’ve always had faith and hope in this man. I personally feel and see he has genuine intentions for the country and with time it’ll be evident. God bless the motherland!! #UpwardsGhana

  4. I share your confidence and hope! It’s my prayers that we the people of Ghana support him and his government to achieve all these great ideas they have set forth. Together We Build! God Bless Ghana!

  5. Nana Addo needs more support from his ministerial team. He has the vision to move Ghana forward and with their support this can be done.

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